This restaurant’s slow-burn roast of a customer’s whiny review is simply delicious

Everyone loves a good comeback, and there’s a specific sort of comeback that we particularly enjoy – a bar or restaurant (or indeed any business) putting an unfair reviewer firmly in their place.

And this one has a charm all of its own after this diner called Frank – despite starting off with 3 stars – left a particularly whiny, nit-picking review.

And the response was Michelin starred.

Where can we book?

‘Poor Frank didn’t know what he was in for after leaving his review,’ said Redditor YellowDog1970 who shared it on the subReddit ‘murdered by words’.

And here are just a few of the things people said in response.

‘Beautiful. And I would love to see your $200 handmade kimono.’

‘The older I get, the more I can appreciate a slow burn that doesnt require deliberate attacks for retribution.’

‘He got roasted on applewood low and slow.’

‘They were 100% wearing their $200 custom made, floor length kimono while crafting that response.’

‘Murdered so sweetly with a swat on the butt and a gentle kiss on the forehead. Absolutely beautiful.’


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Source Reddit u/YellowDog1970 Image Pexels