How not to leave a public toilet discreetly

This unfortunate woman didn’t notice she was trailing an entire roll of toilet paper behind her, and it should win some sort of facepalm award.

We’re not entirely sure how she managed that, but we’re cringing with her, not at her.

I’d imagine she stood up to put her shorts on and in the process caught the end of the toilet paper into the back of her shorts. If the bathroom was quite small it’d be easy enough to do

Now that’s what you call a paper trail!

Every single public restroom I’ve used gives me one square at a time and this lady got a whole few yards!

Somewhere this woman is still walking around blissfully unaware that she has been leaving toilet paper in her wake, and the trail only continues to grow . . . Soon it shall circle the earth like one of the rings of Saturn.

What brand is that? Mine keeps tearing as I wipe.

I thought this only happened in cartoons.

2CanadianDykes was more impressed than anything.

What a superpower, that paper usually tears when you look at it.

And MasterEmerald1 didn’t think it was an accident.

This is just an elaborate toilet paper theft.

Next time, send in a trained puppy.

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Source r/Facepalm Image Screengrab