Simply 9 fabulous times Joe Lycett made everyone’s day better on Twitter

We love Joe Lycett in everything that he does, from panel games to consumer shows, from Travel Man to Great British Sewing Bee, from stand-up to Twitter.

And it’s the very last of these we look at now after Lycett’s introduction to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham went viral for reasons which are about to become obvious (and you surely can’t have missed).

So enjoy these 9 times the great Joe Lycett made everyone’s day better on Twitter.

1. When he opened the Commonwealth Games like this


2. His epic parking ticket story on Channel 4’s 8 Out Of 10 Cats which goes viral again at least once a year


3. When Birmingham’s Lord Mayor opened his kitchen extension


4. When Joe and a bunch of friends responded like this to that celebrity version of Imagine


5. When he did this

6. When he shared the ‘leaked’ Sue Gray Report …

… and it ended up being taken seriously

7. When he advertised his tour like this …

… after someone did this


8. When his tweet to Boris Johnson was (briefly) retweeted by Nadine Dorries

9. And finally, when he changed his name to Hugo Boss


And in the unlikely event you don’t already, follow Joe – @joelycett – on Twitter here.


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Source Twitter @joelycett