Jack Monroe had the most scathing takedown of how energy companies are managing rising costs

As the cost of living crisis has grown, chef, best-selling author and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has been a voice trusted to speak with authority, knowledge and the best interests of those struggling the most at heart.

In January, she provided the most comprehensive explanation of how inflation disproportionately affects the poorest, and her takedown of MP Lee Anderson’s ignorant take on budgeting should have won awards.

She was invited to the Good Morning Britain studio to discuss the energy crisis, in the wake of news of record profits earned by energy companies Shell and Cenrica.

This is what she had to say about Centrica’s statement on the payment of dividends to shareholders.

“Oh, only £59 million. Well, all the people who are struggling to heat their homes at the moment:

The people who are suffering from respiratory distress and respiratory disorders because they’re living in cold damp homes.

The people who are ticking timebombs for chronic illnesses ten years down the line, because they can’t afford to heat their homes and look after themselves properly because of rising costs of energy bills

– probably aren’t going to be very impressed with those £59 million just being seen as a small amount, when actually the incremental cost of their energy bills is an absolute fraction of that, but is unaffordable to them.”

The metaphorical mic dropped right there.

If you were in any way unclear on Jack’s stance on energy prices, this should fix that.

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Jack Monroe’s smackdown of Piers Morgan’s TV invite was delicious

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