Not exactly the best end to a gender reveal party

It’s no secret that a large number of gender-reveal parties have gone horribly wrong.

Some misahps – to put it lightly – have included –

A young dad getting hit in his baby-making equipment after he held the smoke tube the wrong way around.

A light aircraft crashing (with no serious injuries) due to the weight of pink water it was going to release.

One gender-reveal party starting an actual wildfire.

On the r/WhatCouldGoWrong forum, u/Starkf_15 shared this baffling gender-reveal fail.

It wasn’t just the unfotunate guest’s powdery new look that got people talking – there was also the fact that the colour was purple. It’s a rare parent who knows they’re going to give birth to a non-binary child – or a plum.

These comments show where Redditors’ thoughts were at.

Congratulations you’re having a Teletubby.

Depending on the mother’s age and other risk factors, there’s a good chance the child will be a bunch of grapes. They can develop normally, and if treated well they often go on to become fantastic vintages with smooth tannins.

Barney baby.

It’s twins but one of each sex? What is happening here?

The flare was pink so it’s a girl, the ball was just a gimmick I guess?

So she’s giving birth to Thanos?

Props to the person filming this. Zooming in on the person covered in purple is what made this video.

Prince has been reincarnated.

I can’t stop laughing XD Poor lady in purple.

u/See- had a suggestion.

Purple is “not pregnant, just fat.”

Never say that to anyone who actually is pregnant.

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Finally, a gender reveal party worth watching (again and again)

Source r/WhatCouldGoWrong Image r/WhatCouldGoWrong