This Liz Truss parody hilariously nails her world-beating cringeworthiness

The Tory leadership race that came along to ruin all our practically politics-free summers limps on, with favourite Liz Truss and underdog Rishi Sunak conducting TV debates and a round of hustings across the country.

The candidates have been thrashing out the big questions –

Should taxes go up or down?

Who would send the most asylum seekers to Rwanda?

Which candidate had the least-privileged backgound?

If you’ve watched any of Liz Truss’ performances as a leadership candidate, as Foreign Secretory, or even back when she was Secretary of state for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, emoting about cheese and pork markets, you’ll know that actor and writer Matilda Thorpe has nailed her deer-in-the-headlights delivery.

I changed my politics. I changed my view on Brexit, and I’ve changed my voice – and look where that’s got me.

The sketch went down very well with constituents voters tweeters, and here are some of their verdicts,

It looks like somebody else should be getting their name on the ballot sheet.

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