Gordon Ramsay’s reaction to this – erm – unusual chicken dish was exactly what it deserved

Food TikToker Sylvia Ferreira – @syllygirl – shares recipes for dishes you won’t find anywhere else, and quite possibly won’t look for.

For example, there was this bacon ice-cream cone.


The Bacon Ice Cream Cone That’s Breaking The Internet! 🤯😍

♬ original sound – Sylvia Ferreira

It takes all sorts to make a world …but it’s a hard no from us.

She recently made this enormous burger, using a very unconventional ‘bun’.


How did I not know this chicken trick?! 🤯😍

♬ original sound – Sylvia Ferreira

It had TikTokers shaking their heads.

I’m calling the police.

Is this some kind of joke.

Nothing could’ve prepared me for where this video was going.

Nothing could have prepared chef Gordon Ramsay, either, and we worried about his blood pressure when we saw how he took it during this stitch.

@gordonramsayofficial #duet with @syllygirl I’ve seen some crazy things but this #burger takes the cake….#ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks ♬ original sound – Sylvia Ferreira

“Who in the hell’s eating that thing? ‘Cause you need a freaking medal.

The stitch has over 14,000 comments, so we couldn’t read them all – but we particularly enjoyed these.

Bilal Bhatti

There were more twists in this video than in a Gordian knot.
fake jake

Oh my god you are all of us when watching this 😂😂
Crysten 🤍

If you are not sure whether you want beef or chicken. here u are😅
Konstantinos⚡Digital Marketing

Happily, the criticism didn’t upset Sylvia Ferreira. Far from it.

THIS made my day even though it didn’t make his 😂

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Gordon Ramsay reacting to the Bad Tea American’s fish and chips went as well as you’d think

Source Gordon Ramsay Image Screengrab