Jimmy Rees’ guide to the school holidays shows exactly what you’re in for

As the school holidays begin in England and Wales, joining Northern Ireland and Scotland, UK parents are already wondering how they’re going to keep their youngsters entertained – and, in these difficult times, how they’re going to afford it.

Australian comedian Jimmy Rees has made a sketch showing that at least the first problem is nothing if not universal.

There is this delicious box of treats. I know what you’re thinking – they’re for you.

Well, think again – they’re not for you. They’re for the children, okay?

To do every …get out of here!

These will be your lifeline, because after three days of basically no-one listening to you, ever, you will use these as bribes for just about every human function possible.

Parents and non-parents alike responded to his words of wisdom.

Every time I catch myself wishing I had kids I just visit a mate with a bunch of rugrats, it quickly cures that line of thought lol.
VP Downunder

“Where all hell breaks loose…” cuts to tiny child 🤣

Your camera crew has a wicked sense of humor too! 🤣
Kate Samples

Ah the hallway ‘office’ setup… always makes me laugh. Seriously who thinks ANY work gets done there?
Jacob Winn

Hahaha Jimmy, you totally nailed it – chaos, endless food prep, fighting and at least 1 crying – oh the joy!!

THIS IS SO TRUE EVERYWHERE!!! I’m in the United States and your comment about the bathroom being a playroom is SPOT ON! Thank you for your HONEST humor Jimmy Rees. You are amazing.

So accurate 🤦🏻‍♀️ my husband asked me yesterday if I was looking forward to going away 😳 I mean I guess at least i will be cleaning, refereeing and dealing with the crazy crap in a somewhat warmer climate 🤪
April Leppard

YouTube user sabertooth werewolf couldn’t empathise.

“As an ex-teacher, I love school holidays. Never know what parents complain about. Only a couple of kids? Beautiful.”

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‘POV You’re in Hospitality’ is as funny as it is true

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