This meteorologist simply wouldn’t stand for a GB News presenter’s climate scepticism

In the past week, every UK weather presenter had the same set of serious warnings about the heat, so the Met Office’s John Hammond was no different when he spoke to GB News.

Presenter Bev Turner wasn’t too concerned, and tried to laugh it off with that climate sceptics’ favourite – “But the summer of ’76, blah, blah, blah.”

Watch how that worked out for her.

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“I don’t know whether something’s happened to meteorologists to make you all a little bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom.

Haven’t we always had hot weather John? I mean wasn’t the ‘76 …the summer of ‘76 – that was as hot as this, wasn’t it?”

“Er, no. And we are seeing more and more records, more and more frequently and more and more severely. So yeah, some people always hark back to the summer of ‘76 – which was a freak event 40 odd years ago.

Consider her told. TikTok users enjoyed seeing Ms Turner corrected.

“Don’t Look Up” film comes to mind.

Oh John, but if I close my eyes, it just goes away, right?
Ina Pal

Unsurprisingly Brexit TV wants to try & take us back to a one off nearly 50 years ago.

No-one wants to know the truth, John. We’re trying to be happy ‍♂️

What’s with the gaslighting? So bizarre.

One person answered Bev Turner’s question.

“What’s happen to the meteorologists to make them so fatalistic?” IDK, babes, maybe they have an education.

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