Rishi Sunak’s face as his Liz Truss ‘gotcha’ question imploded is our favourite Tory leader debate moment

There haven’t been too many moments to put a smile on your face during the Tory leadership debates, apart from the pleasure of watching the Conservative party seemingly implode live on TV, obviously.

But if we had to pick one then it would definitely be this, when former chancellor Rishi Sunak obviously thought he had a proper ‘gotcha’ question for Liz Truss.

And while Truss’s answer didn’t make a lot of (any) sense, it was still supremely satisfying to watch Sunak’s expression turn from comedy smirk to abject squirm, as highlighted by @BeardedGenius over on Twitter.

Look again and you can see the precise moment Sunak decided not to turn up for the next debate.


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Source Twitter @BeardedGenius