Mark Thomas’s graduation speech was a third-degree burn for Boris Johnson

When comedian Mark Thomas received an honorary degree from Kent University at Canterbury Cathedral, he didn’t make the usual speech about his journey to this point and how much it meant – he absolutely tore into Boris Johnson.

Mark is a very nice chap, and we’re sure he doesn’t actually want the PM to receive corporal punishment – maybe just prosecution and imprisonment.

His points about the man’s character – Boris Johnson is a venal, lying corrupt, narcissistic, inept, money-grabbing, evil man – went down almost as well with Twitter as they had with the assembled graduates.

However much you might love your graduating children, partners, friends etc – you could be forgiven for thinking this –

We’ll leave the last word to Mark.

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It’s a hat-trick! 3 times Boris Johnson was totally owned by Eddie Mair

Source @MrSplendiferous Image Screengrab