This meeting of ‘introverted dogs’ is the most relatable thing we’ll see this week

This manages to be very funny, totally adorable and completely relatable all at the same time.

It’s a meeting of introverted dogs arranged in a park by a pet expert in Sweden and, well, just look.

@qilastiktok Imagine putting a lot of introverts in one room 😅 #funnydogvideos #funnytiktok #funnytiktokvideos #funnypetvideos #funnydoggo ♬ Kinda awkward – ionics

One of the dog’s owners, Sofia Rosten, said on Instagram that a dog psychologist had put together the event so that shy or ‘calm’ pets could socialise with like-minded animals.

This clip was taken towards the end of the meeting when by all accounts things had begun to get a little awkward.

‘This was almost at the end of the meeting and we all thought it looked so funny so I recorded it,’ Sofia wrote on Instagram.

And these are our favourite things people said about it.


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Source TikTok @qilastiktok H/T HuffPost