Russell T Davies took on the Tories over the sale of C4 and it’s blistering, breathtaking stuff

Russell T Davies has gone viral with this blistering attack on the Conservative government as he collected the best drama prize for Channel 4 AIDS drama It’s A Sin at the South Bank Awards.

Davies is the Doctor Who showrunner who was also behind Queer as Folk, A Very English Scandal and so many other fabulous TV dramas over the years.

He first took aim at the government over the privatisation of Channel 4 and the axing of the licence fee before broadening his sights and it’s properly breathtaking stuff.

One of those speeches where just when you think it can’t possibly get any better … it does.

‘I’d also like to say while I’ve got this stage, [It’s A Sin] was made by Channel 4 … a public service broadcaster, dedicated to making this sort of programme.

‘We know the government has said they are going to sell that off … I know the government’s wounded at the moment, it’s like a wounded dog and a wounded dog bites everyone and rabies will spread. It’s still in danger.

‘They’ve said they are selling Channel 4 and they’ve said they’re stopping the licence fee by 2027 and we have to realise the things the Tories say they’ll do, they do, they’re very good at that. We’re full of doubt, they’re not, they will do this. This is wrong.

‘I know I’m kind of speaking to the converted but there’s money in this room and if there’s money in a room that means there’s Tory voters in here.

‘You are here and you’re certainly watching at home so please know you are voting for murderers, bastards, abusers and liars.’


Here’s a slightly longer clip with a bit of extra context.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it today.


Absolute hero.


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