These Trump-loving Fox News presenters redefined irony by slating Boris Johnson for clinging onto power

Today’s selfawarewolves are those serial self-owners and Donald Trump worshippers, Fox News, who were spotted by Aaron Rupar calling out Boris Johnson’s recent stubborn, egotistic and highly damaging behaviour.

Watch how realisation at no point penetrates their armour of self-righteousness.

There are ongoing hearings into the attempted coup at the Capitol on January 6th 2021, which happened because Donald Trump refused to accept that his time was up. He still hasn’t accepted it.

The irony of the Fox & Friends conversation may have been utterly lost on the presenters, but everybody else spotted it right away.

Aaron Rupar summed up the situation.

RIP, Irony. You is wiv da angles now.

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Fox News’s muted response to the stunning Trump Capitol inquiry was unintentionally hilarious

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