Nadine Dorries’ cringeworthy rugby fail had sports fans facepalming into next week

We’ve learned not to set our expectations for Nadine Dorries too high, and yet somehow she still manages to limbo under them with magnificent ease.

The secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport – and it’s the sport bit that’s most relevant here – was at it again today at an event about the upcoming Rugby League World Cup.

Over to the BBC’s sports editor, Dan Roan.

Except, as anyone who knows anything about rugby – and quite a few people who know nothing about rugby – will tell you, the 2003 World Cup win she’s referring to was rugby union, not rugby league, a very different thing.

Here’s what Dorries said later in a tweet we have no doubt she composed entirely by herself.

But it didn’t stop the mockery going into extra time.

Chalk another one up for Nads.


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Source Twitter @danroan