James O’Brien completely derailed this caller’s anti-union arguments

It’s the second day of RMT strike action, with the union pushing to negotiate on planned changes to conditions and employment numbers, as well as attempting to secure a pay rise fit for the current economic crisis.

Tory MPs have tried everything from sad tales of people’s travel woes to blaming Labour for both the strikes and the state of the country in general.

The RMT’s Secretary General, Mick Lynch, has become a figurehead for the strikers, and has picked up quite a following by dealing beautifully with infuriating interview techniques.

On Tuesday, the day after the first strike, James O’Brien raised the topic on his LBC show, during which he took a call from Adam in Heathrow, who thought he had an alternative to workers being represented by unions.

He didn’t.

“How can we have equality laws if we’re doing it one person at a time?’

LBC tweeted the clip, and here’s what people thought of the surgical dissection of Adam’s arguments.

This checks out.

via Gfycat

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