Piers Morgan’s attempt to own Dan Walker for a refreshingly fair Mick Lynch interview backfired spectacularly

Dan Walker, who recently made the move from the BBC Breakfast couch to Channel 5 evening news, shared the video of his own interview with the RMT’s Mick Lynch, to prove that it can be done without –

Trying to provoke him like Kay Burley

Richard Madeley’s Partridgesque accusations of Marxism

Or harping on about the Thunderbirds character on his Facebook profile, like Piers Morgan’s line of questioning.

He explained why he’d shared the clip.

His approach made a refreshing change.

Not everybody was impressed, however. Dan’s old social media sparring partner, Piers Morgan, took time out of his busy schedule of arguing with tweeters to throw some shade, and this was the resulting exchange.

At the time of writing, Dan had had the last word – and it was quite the comeback.

It went down well with other tweeters.

We’ll just leave this here.

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Mick Lynch’s takedown of Tory MP Jonathan Gullis is a fabulously satisfying watch

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