There was an unexpected item at Tesco – but it wasn’t in the bagging area

You might be familiar with Milo McCabe’s exquisitely dapper comedy character, Troy Hawke, after his unpaid and unauthorised shift as a ‘greeter’ at B&Q got a lot of attention back in May.

As the sole member of the Greeters’ Guild, Troy has been very busy performing his duties at several shops, including WH Smith, B&M Bargains, and TK Maxx, where this happened –

One recent store to hit the Troy Hawke jackpot was Tesco.

“You work at Tesco?”


“Oh right, so you’re not just coming here just to …”

“No. Good Lord. Why would anybody do that?”

Because it’s comedy gold – that’s why. These tweeters agreed.

One person wanted the service to go even further.

While another had this request.

We’re not sure if Lidl is on the schedule, but this could be important.

You can also find Milo/Troy on YouTube, TikTok and Facebook or out in the real world at one of his gigs – or, perhaps, Primark.

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B&Q wasn’t ready for the ‘Greeters’ Guild’ – but everyone else is

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