The Mail said UK builders have ‘gone WOKE’ – 13 perfectly constructed comebacks

To the world of Mail Online now, where the paper has got itself into quite the froth over the suggestion that builders in the UK don’t live up to the stereotype presumably ingrained at Daily Mail Towers.

Not only that, they’ve ‘gone WOKE’ – their caps not ours, obviously. And this is why.

Here’s a little bit of what the article says just in case you can’t bring yourself to click through (and a reminder, as if you need one, that the Mail typically uses ‘woke’ as an insult).

‘Forget the stereotype that builders are wolf-whistling white van men devouring greasy-spoon breakfasts and discussing sport as radios blare out inane pop music.

‘Instead, modern tradesmen are sensitive souls more likely to enjoy yoga, muesli, listening to Radio 4 and sharing their feelings, a survey has found. In a poll of 2,000 builders, three quarters said they regularly discussed emotions with colleagues; two-thirds shun fried breakfasts; and one in five is an art-lover.’

And these are surely the only 13 responses you need.