This woman said she’d blow up her car if the pump hit 50 (but the car was trying to do it for her)

Here’s a proper jaw-dropping 37 seconds which is funny and terrifying in equal measure.

We all know it costs more for motorists to fill up a tank for reasons we don’t need to go into here.

This particular driver was so irked by rising prices that she said if it hit the 50-mark she was going to blow up her car.

And, well, this happened.

Never seen that happen, and hopefully never will.

“Do not leave pump unattended.”

‘She’s going through life unattended.’

‘She definitely almost blew up her car and the entire gas station.’

‘People learn from their mistakes ig.’

‘This is why I don’t leave the pump unattended and I rarely ever use the auto latch.

‘Worked at a gas station and witnessed too many morons do this (sitting in the car not paying attention), then expect some sort of refund, like it’s our fault they can’t read. Most every gas pump has a sign saying “do not leave pump unattended, you are responsible for spills and leaks”.

‘Edit- it’s not necessarily against the law as much as it is your liability. If this happens, you are 100% responsible for the gas and sometimes the cost of the cleanup.

‘Edit 2- no disrespect to the poster of the video/ person this happened to. Shit happens when you least expect it. I’m sure they probably go about pumping gas a little differently after that experience. Gas is too much $ to be pumping it on the ground.’


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Source Reddit u/juicedaakid