‘What I imagine conductors do in orchestras’ is very funny and so cleverly done

Just in case you’ve always wondered what conductors actually do in orchestras, wonder no more, after this fabulous video just went viral on Reddit.

‘What I imagine conductors do in orchestras,’ said muagaichoi.

Fabulously done.

‘Conductors are all just wizards with the orchestra under an imperious curse.’

‘Please don’t ignite the bassoon!’

‘Conductors play the most complex musical instrument ever invented: the symphony orchestra.

‘That’s the goal of everything that a conductor does, from the administrative duties to the berating of the horns to the wildly animated facial expressions, it’s all designed to make a single cohesive musical interpretation from a hundred different musicians.

‘That takes far more than just being a human metronome.’


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Source Reddit u/muagaichoi