Tory fury at European Human Rights just made this Patrick Stewart sketch sadly more relevant than ever

The government’s unspeakable policy of putting migrants coming to the UK on a plane to Rwanda was temporarily scuppered at the 11th hour after an intervention by the European Court of Human Rights.

But rather than ditching the policy as immoral and illegal, Tory MPs want Boris Johnson to quit the European Convention on Human Rights instead.

Of course they do, and the prime minister has refused to rule it out.

Which makes this old Guardian sketch featuring Patrick Stewart sadly more relevant than ever.

It was shared again on Twitter by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas who said ‘What has the ECHR ever done for us? As Tories sharpen their knives to attack it, seems like a good time to share this again’ and mentioned on air by LBC presenter, James O’Brien.

Watch to the end.

Nailed it.

And because it would be remiss not to include it …


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Source YouTube Guardian