The in-flight entertainment on this plane got a feline upgrade

It’s one thing when your luggage goes missing during a flight, it’s quite another when what you’re carrying escapes and wanders around the plane.

Someone’s feline companion took itself for a walk, and it looks like the curious cat was a big hit.

The in-flight entertainment went from Dude, Where’s My Car? to Dude, here’s your cat.

u/1q8b‘s clip grabbed the attention of Redditors.

Look here peasants. Which one of you has allergies?

The first class ticket was for the cat. It was looking for its owners in steerage.

If Toonces is out wandering the cabin, then…WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE?!?!

Hahaha the person slipping in some slow sneaky strokes, that would totally be me if I got this lucky on a flight.

My guess is that the cat was in a soft carrier with a zipper, the owner unzipped it “just a little” to pet the cat to calm it down, and the cat was like “A hole bigger than the size of a quarter? I can work with that!” and slipped out like liquid.

According to sacred cat law, authority goes to the cat that sits on the highest thing. I think that might be the queen of cats now.

There’s a motherfuck’n cat on the motherfuck’n plane!!

It could have been a lot worse, according to u/Big0Lgrinch.

My cat would have stress diarrhoea, so these people lucked out.


This dog’s face as the cat gets all the attention is quite the watch

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