This gate has built-in husky masks for their dogs and it’s simply brilliant

We’ve only got the one dog so we’re not sure this would be quite so effective if we tried it. Plus, we don’t have a big gate out the front of the house.

But we’re still tempted to try it, a homeowner who put four built-in husky masks onto their front gate and it’s simply brilliant.

‘The Council of Good Bois will decide your fate,’ said Mint_Perspective over on Reddit.


“Ohoho, you cannot pass just yet. Solve our riddle, weary traveler, and you shall be granted access. Fail, and dire misfortunes shall befall you.”



‘They need to put in a 5th mask, not cool to exclude the dog between the first and the second mask from the left.’

‘I just caught those legs!

“We got him after we made the gate unfortunately…”

‘I want the people who own that place to adopt me.’

‘Thus is down the road from my place 🙂 always makes me smile when I see this gate and the guy with his husky pack around town ❤’


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Source Reddit u/Mint_Perspective