The Cat in the Hat works so much better than it should as a horror film

Adam Johnston, who goes by the name of YouRMovieSucksDOTorg, reviews films for the entertainment of YouTube viewers. He says the things you were thinking, plus a few you hadn’t thought of – and he’s very funny.

In a break from that format, he has shared a short trailer for a film he had recently reviewed – The Cat in the Hat. However, instead of the wacky kids’ film it actually is, with the editing support of HeyoDamo, he has turned it into a horror film.

This works far better than it should.

Here are a few favourites from the comments section.

Absolute masterpiece. 10/10 – would watch! πŸ˜€

If this were a modern horror movie, it would be named something ridiculously simple to seem more intimidating.

Something like: ” The Cat (2022)”

The part where the kids are under the bed and it pans to him just there, not even acknowledging their presence, and they jump out in shock only for the camera to pan around again and he’s just THERE behind them just ended me, couldn’t stop laughing.
deepSea Doughnut

This is one of those horror movies I don’t want to watch just because it looks too scary.

I recently watched this movie with a bunch of friends and sent this to every one of them. Actually sent chills down my spine.
Crayo Gaming Channel

One commenter had a request.

Now someone needs to make a horror fan edit of the entire movie.

Surely only John Carpenter could do proper justice to Thing 1 and Thing 2.

You can watch Adam’s full review of The Cat in the Hat here and/or support him and get access to more content here.

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The trailer for β€œIT” but with the Cat in the Hat instead

Source Adam Johnston Image Screengrab