Elon Musk’s response to George Galloway’s ‘Russia-affiliated’ complaint was 10/10

George Galloway has long complained about being described as ‘Russia state-affiliated media’ on Twitter.

The former MP, whose radio programme The Mother of All Talk Shows was broadcast on the Russian state-owned Sputnik service, has threatened to sue Twitter over the issue although apparently to no avail.

Galloway took his complaint to Elon Musk, who may (or may not) end up buying Twitter, and the world’s richest man took the time out to respond.

That was the good news for Galloway. The content of the reply, well, that was presumably less good for Galloway (but very funny for everyone else).

Only one thing to say about that …

находящийся в собственности

We’re with @Daniel_Sugarman.

Finally, a reason to like Elon Musk. Just for a moment, though.


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Source Twitter @elonmusk H/T Twitter @Daniel_Sugarman