‘Man stops to rescue kitten, gets ambushed by platoon’

If you watch only one cat video this week then make it this one (and watch more cat videos).

It’s just gone wildly viral on Reddit because it’s funny, sad, unexpected, but mostly all kinds of wonderful.

There was an update, especially for the person who asked this.

‘I wanna see the sequel of him trying to drive while they’re all going bananas in the car.’


And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Those kittens have been practicing some battle drills lol.’

‘They send out the smolest, knowing that you’ll stop. Then the reinforcements attack!’

“We’re gonna need a bigger box”

‘Guy: look, a kitten!

’12 other kittens: you’re our mom now! We love you!

‘Guy never had a chance.’

‘Anyone who stops to rescue kittens and uses expressions like “hot digity dog” is alright in my book.’

And it was just the happy ending we needed to what must have begun as a very sad story.

‘Sadly, it looks like a couple of litters that people have dumped.

‘We had those one time on our farm. We kept all of them. They would all head out to their own territories every morning and come back at night to sleep on the porch or in the house. Two different moms, two different litters–all together.

‘One lived to be 26. We got them all spayed and neutered.’


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Source Reddit u/JediWithAnM4