Susanna Hoffs’ reply to how ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ was written made everyone’s day better

It’s always a treat when a big name takes the time out to reply to a tweet which you wouldn’t imagine they’d even see, let alone respond to.

And this is surely up there with the very best.

It all started with this tweet by @bobservant on Twitter, Neil Forsyth’s fictional cheeseburger tycoon who was memorably brought to TV and radio by Brian Cox a few years back.

And, well, this happened.

And it wasn’t just author Neil Forsyth who was delighted.

It also spread cheer throughout Twitter (not a phrase you see every day) and prompted more than a few questions.

To conclude …

And this.

And if you don’t already follow @bobservant on Twitter here.


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Source Twitter @SusannaHoffs @bobservant @mrneilforsyth