Nadine Dorries was so confidently incorrect about Channel 4 you’ll be laughing (and screaming) into next week

You’ll already known by now that culture secretary Nadine Dorries is very keen to privatise Channel 4 despite an overwhelming majority of everyone who knows anything about it saying it’s a terrible idea.

Her desire is nothing to do with Channel 4 News doing such a brilliant job of holding the government to account, of course.

We bring you here because Dorries was appearing before MPs to talk about it on Thursday and the SNP’s estimable John Nicolson had a question for her.

And it’s a quite extraordinary watch that just gets better and better.

The new dictionary definition of ‘confidently incorrect’.

Here’s one of those earlier moments when Dorries was monumentally confused (sorry, ‘misspoke’) about Channel 4.

Just one question, albeit a not insubstantial one, remained, from Labour MP Chris Bryant.

Last word to John Nicolson.


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Source Twitter @MirrorPolitics