Anti-vaxxer takedown of the week

There’s nothing like a good comeback to put a spring in your step, and when it’s a takedown of a member of the anti-vaxxer brigade then it makes it just that little bit better.

‘Completely and totally unnecessary,’ said beerbellybegone over on Reddit.


‘For adults who never got chicken pox as kids, the vaccine is literally lifesaver.’

‘Reminder before the vaccine existed, parents threw pox parties. They would purposely put their kids with children who had pox to infect them at a young age because it’s much more destructive to adults. It was so important to develop the immunity they would intentionally infect their children.’

‘I had shingles in my 20’s and would gladly have paid money to not have. It’s top 10 worst pains I’ve felt in my life, and I’ve literally been hit with a truck.’


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone