This scammer watching $500 disappear after wasting 10 hours is a supremely satisfying listen

There’s nothing like seeing a scammer scammed, and this one is up there with the very best.

It’s a YouTuber called Kitboga who has dedicated themselves to giving scammers entirely what they deserve after their grandmother fell victim to one of their schemes.

This particular clip has just gone wildly viral on Reddit, a scammer who saw $500 disappear after wasting 10 hours of their time.

It’s noisy, but supremely satisfying.

Here’s a little bit more detail from Kitboga for anyone who’s wondering exactly what was happening.

‘The scammer thought he was talking to an old woman for a few days and was convinced that he was about to get $500 after spending over 10 hours talking to me.I created a fake google play store that makes it look like the card got redeemed.

‘Normally the scammers resell the codes and get a percentage of the sale but in this case, all his efforts were fruitless as the card would be worthless.’

And just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

‘It’s brilliant when scammers get a taste of their own medicine 😂👏🏻’

‘I hope he felt scammed after this!’

‘After having my vulnerable grandparents getting scammed out of their retirement savings, hearing the sheer desperation screams of this shitbag of a human being fills my heart with pure childlike joy. Keep up the amazing work dude, you’re a hero in my book.’

‘My grandmother getting scammed was part of the inspiration for the channel. Sorry to hear that happened to your family, no one deserves it.’

To conclude …

‘This brings me joy.’

And for the proper deep dive, here’s the full video.

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Source Reddit u/Kitboga YouTube Kitboga