Suella Braverman’s Question Time take on the NI Protocol had jaws dropping

The Attorney General, Suella Braverman, has reportedly confirmed that the government can unilaterally change the details of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which effectively places a goods border in the Irish Sea.

The decision to carry out such a move, intended to placate the DUP who have refused to facilitate the Northern Ireland Assembly while the Protocol stands, is certain to trash the UK’s international reputation even further and plunge the country into a trade war with the EU.

On Thursday’s Question Time, the panellists – including Braverman – faced this question.

Economist Miatta Fahnbulleh outlined the problems.

Suella Braverman had a very different response.

“There are real problems in Northern Ireland caused by the EU’s interpretation and application of the protocol.”


Tweeters couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing.

Fellow panellist Formula 1 Driver Sebastian Vettel – yes, really – had no sympathy for the government’s position.

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