Michael Spicer was in the Room Next Door to THAT Michael Gove interview

A couple of days ago – at the time of writing – the government sent Michael Gove onto the media circuit to field questions about Partygate and the cost-of-living crisis, amongst other things.

It might not have been the best idea.

Twitter’s collective facepalm was visible from space and resulted in comments like these.

However, his public humiliation wasn’t really complete until Michael Spicer turned the car crash interview into comedy gold.

The only meeting that you go to is the annual meeting of men who most resemble a toxic shaven owl.

Michael also shared the sketch on Twitter, where it got a far better reception than Gove’s one-man Rory Bremner tribute.

We can only agree with Macca IV.

Michael – Spicer, not Gove – will be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so if you’re quick you can grab tickets to see him here.

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