Dartford’s Tory council leader defends his laughter at the opening of a new food bank venue

If the Tory MP blaming high food bank use on people’s poor cookery and budgeting skills hasn’t already ruined your blood-pressure, the image of Dartford’s Tory council leader grinning as he cuts the ribbon to open a food bank’s new venue surely must.

James O’Brien spotted the disturbing image and asked the important question –

He raised the matter on his LBC show, prompting the swift deletion of the photo by Dartford Council. Surprisingly, Jeremy Kite – the leader in question – rang the show to justify the happy demeanour of himself and others present.

James O’Brien: Had you had exceptionally good news before the photographer turned up?

Jeremy Kite: There was actually a bit of a joke just before the ribbon was cut.

J O’B: What was the joke?

JK: I think it was about the countdown.

J O’B: So you did a countdown before you cut the ribbon at a facility for people who can’t afford to feed themselves after 12 years of government by your party.

You can listen to the full exchange here.

The bad optics didn’t escape the glare of Twitter, and these responses say all that needs to be said.










To add insult to injury, the council members helped themselves to a celebratory buffet, described by The Metro as having been provided for the volunteers.

Jason Hazeley reminded everyone of how deeply inappropriate the display truly was.

But, hey! A funny comment about the countdown.

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Jack Monroe comprehensively debunked a Tory MP’s claim that people use food banks because they can’t cook or budget

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