This Peleton takedown goes from zero to savage in 3 seconds

There are two reasons we don’t have a Peloton bike – one, we can’t afford them. And two, even if we could, it would very rapidly become just a very extravagant looking place to hang coats.

Anyway, it turns out the tech-connected bike business has hit hard times, and it prompted this very entertaining exchange on Twitter which has just gone viral on Reddit.


Not everyone was appeciating it.

‘Tbf peloton had a limited consumer base as per price per unit. There was a wall it would hit, as the average person can’t afford the bike.

‘People were more or less more open to the product because of the pandemic and staying home. The pandemic is largely over, with gyms open again.

‘A phone has a larger consumer base, with demand being more universal. One is a need, the other a luxury. It’s honestly a poor comparison.’

On yer bike!


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Source Reddit u/Tinea_Pedis

Image Unsplash