This boss’s response to a request for an overtime bonus is a proper jaw-dropper

Over in the corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ people share examples of bosses you are really rather glad you don’t work for.

And here is a classic case in point, a manager who heaped praise on their staff for going the extra mile and then, well, this happened.

And they got entirely the responses they deserved.

‘Tell them they can keep all the pats then and you’ll take the less valuable money.’

‘I’m genuinely surprised that the boss didn’t say that he’d already given them a bonus with all the overtime hours they worked.’

‘Really? A pat on the back? Next time he needs extra help, tell him, “Words of encouragement to stay tough and battle thru it” are all you need from me and then leave …’

‘Oh cool. Ask them if they can deliver it directly to your landlord whilst you find another job to make rent.’

‘So, “thanks for making me more money, now f-ck off”. Got it.’

‘People like this are why I’m working on developing a cannon that can fire them directly into the sun.’


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Source Reddit u/Beebjank