This dog’s reaction to having its nails clipped is today’s funniest 14 seconds

Here’s a fabulous 14 seconds to take your mind off everything else going on right now.

It’s a clip of this dog having its nails clipped and it just gets better and better.

Wait to you see what happens by the fourth paw.

‘Mine acts like all hope is lost and he will never get his paw back again.’

“Just amputate it, is that what you want?!” – Dog probably.’

‘Best looking lead actor I’ve ever seen.’

‘Supporting actress did a great job as well. Sets a serious tone.’

‘My brother’s last dog was the opposite. He LOVED having his nails trimmed. My brother used one of those little grinder wheel gizmos to do it and I guess he really enjoyed the vibrations on his feet or something.

‘Whenever my brother got the tool out Rusty the dog would happily come running and flop down on his back like it was a spa day or something.’

‘Damn, that’s rare! I have tried everything, nothing works. Especially when I turn ON the grinder, she runs away like I am the most evil person in the world!’

‘My dog is scared of those sounds too. Drill, vacuum, nail grinder, electric toothbrush. And when I pick tics or some seeds or grass etc he always acts like I took part of his body and has to sniff it properly and check what is missing.’


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Source Reddit u/i_am_ur_dad