People can’t work out how the Two Ronnies pulled off this tongue-twisting sketch

It’s no secret that the Two Ronnies – Barker and Corbett – dealt in very clever word play, such as the Mastermind sketch, or that classic – Four Candles.

This sketch – which didn’t make the show for which it was originally written, but has been aired several times since then – is another fine example.

Prepare yourself for the tongue – and brain – twisting genius of Ponting and Punting.

It’s tricky enough to follow, never mind perform. These reactions suggest that the sketch hasn’t aged a bit.

Rob Brydon, who is clearly no slouch at that comedy lark, had this observation.

High praise indeed. And because there’s never a bad time to see this – here’s Four Candles.

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That fabulous Two Ronnies’ Mastermind sketch but re-edited so he’s giving the right answers

Source John Pitchford Image Screengrab