This snow rabbit leaping over an avalanche to safety is an incredible watch

We don’t do a lot of natural history on these pages but this is well worth a watch, a snow rabbit jumping to safety out of the middle of an avalanche which is an awesome, incredible watch.

It might take you a little while to spot it …

The video went viral after it was shared by samir391 over on Reddit and here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!’

‘Ok, I agree that the rabbit running over the top of the avalanche is cool and all – but I’m wondering WHY?

‘Lil Rabbit Dude was fine where he started – he was above danger and even so – going back would’ve been safer. I suppose a logical explanation would be some predator forced him or Mr Rabbit has serious adrenaline issues.

‘But I’m really hoping it was really some kinda bad ass rabbit gang initiation …’

‘His gf is home alone.’

‘That was some Legolas level shit right there …’

‘Praise the camera person for knowing where they should really be filming here.’

‘They were filming the snowboarder. They had no idea that rabbit was there.’

‘They’d need the eye of sauron to be able to see that rabbit through the camera initially.’

‘Seems like the bunny does it for fun. If they would have stayed right where they were, it could have just sat back and enjoyed the show with a dollar bet on the snowboarder getting smushed.’

‘As a former rabbit owner, I can confirm that they do stuff like this for fun. They are fast, and I mean if-you’re-not-fast-you’re-dead fast, and they KNOW IT.

‘They also have this weird prey mentality, where if they are not dead, they are happy. So rabbits are weird, shy daredevils. Can confirm.’


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Source Reddit u/samir391