You have to laugh at ‘The Guy Who Decides Elections’ or else you’d cry

Jimmy Rees’ perma-drunk comedy character, the Guy Who Decides, has an uncanny knack for stripping everyday things down to their basic elements. Past triumphs have included podcasts, the baffling rules of Imperial measurements, and the viral daily word game Wordle.

With campaigning underway for the upcoming Australian elections, the New South Wales-based comedian let the Guy Who Decides loose on elections – and it works beautifully for the UK, too.

Here are some of the things YouTubers had to say about it.

As someone who’s doing work on a campaign I have to say this adds a perspective that makes it all look quite silly (which is probably true)😂
Matto Tundrie

As one of the candidates for the ‘heaps more’ category I can categorically state I endorse this video.
Adam Woodings

As always Jimmy you put across how we are all feeling.
courtney abood

“They just say the same crap over and over again”. He’s hit the nail on the head!
Lara G

The deadly accuracy is chilling (and humorous.)
Rebecca Tompkins

pastorofmuppets had one addition to suggest.

You forgot to add that the amount spent on it all could probably solve the country’s homelessness problem.

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