People love this most British of notices warning dog owners about this cat

Public notice of the week is surely this one, a most polite notice warning passing dog owners of a particularly territorial cat.

‘Casual guard animal,’ said TheFailedAmature who shared it over on the corner of Reddit called CasualUK because, well, it’s just so British.

Now that’s a cat we would really like to meet (we are not a small dog).

‘Genuine question: is this quintessentially a UK thing?’

‘I think there is something very British about writing very formally about humorously mundane things.’
Duck Dance

‘I had to change our dog walk route because of a massive ginger cat. It would have had me for breakfast, never mind the dog. I’m not scared of dogs but bugger me, this was vicious.’

‘Garfields out for blood.’


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Source Reddit u/TheFailedAmature