Susanna Reid just gave Boris Johnson a lesson in how he should have answered her ‘Elsie’ question

You will probably already know all about Susanna Reid’s brilliant Good Morning Britain interview with Boris Johnson, in which she left the blustering and beleaguered prime minister on the ropes.

There was one particular question which exposed Johnson for exactly who he is, when she asked him about a 77-year-old pensioner called Elsie who was having so much trouble paying the bills she travels around on the bus all day to keep warm.

Johnson’s response had people hollering into next week.

Now Reid has shared how Johnson should actually have answered her question, talking to Andrew Marr over on LBC, and it’s a masterclass in how to deal with this sort of thing.


And if you want to hear more, here’s a long clip from the LBC interview.


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Source Twitter @johnestevens