How to hypnotise a chicken – and how not to unhypnotise it

If you’ve been sitting there completely distracted by the big existential question – Can you hypnotise a chicken? – you’re about to be freed up to get on with life, because this video has the answer.

Watch to the end.

The action puts the chicken into a state called tonic immobility (Thanks, Wikipedia) which effectively forces them to play dead in the face of a predator. It doesn’t explain why a line is a predator, but nothing is perfect.

The clip from two years ago has reappeared online after u/EmreDoqan shared it on the r/interestingasfuck forum on Reddit. It certainly met the requirements.

Hahaha wtf the ending got me.

The end just proves that every time roosters wake up they choose violence. 😀

This thread deserves some sort of award.

What I want to know is: how did anyone figure this out? I mean who got so frustrated with their chicken that they grabbed it by the neck, held it down and was like “LOOK! LOOK AT THIS, YOU FUCKIN’ CHICKEN!”

…and what else does this trick work on?! Tigers? Capybara? A chicken? Oh, shit! Has anyone done the same thing to a person? Because if I had friends then I’d totally find out for myself like right now! …But I don’t have friends because I do stuff like fantasize about outlandish yet simple ways to hypnotize people for my own personal gain. I mean because I get stoned and sit on Reddit all day.

If you can put a tiger’s head nose down on the sand, you don’t need that trick anyway.

It might work on a T-Rex if it’s true they are the ancestors of chickens.

Quick, someone genetically engineer a T-rex from a fossil! We NEED to test this!

Wait so your telling me Jurassic Park could have been solved with one finger?

u/Sat0sh1_Nakam0t0 asked the $64,000 question.

Damn! Is there a version that works on humans?

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