‘There I Ruined It’ created the mash-up of Smash Mouth and Celine Dion that we’ve all been hoping for

The very clever YouTube creator, There I Ruined It, is either the best or worst person on the internet, depending on whether they’re ruining a song you hate or one you love.

The 1980s electronica version of Johnny B. Goode might be considered sacrilege in some quarters, but those same people could simply love this insane heavy metal cover of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

They’re a Marmite account, if ever there was one – other than, you know, Marmite.

Their latest short but perfectly formed mash-up does things with Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and Smash Mouth’s All Star that would make Dr. Frankenstein blush – but in a good way.

Check it out.

There’s something a little unholy about those vocals. Perfect.

YouTube users were impressed.

The average person would settle for an office job, but this guy? He’ll make your dreams of Shrek on the Titanic come true.
Ignore Me

“I’m so sorry.”

No you’re not. Don’t be ashamed of your masterpieces.
Trevor Burn

So good!! Only complaint is it’s too short.
Zach E.

I will tell my grandchildren of witnessing the greatest mashup in history.

This is easily the worst thing I’ve heard all week. I love it!
Ambrose Rockwell

Shia LaBeouf – not that one – spotted a nice detail.

The L on her forehead in the drawing is fucking class.

We absolutely agree.

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A metal cover of Stayin’ Alive

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