Alastair Campbell’s open letter asking Jürgen Klopp to enter politics is a real vote winner

Even if you aren’t a Liverpool fan, or even a football fan, you might be aware that Liverpool F.C. is currently within touching distance of achieving a footballing first – winning four trophies in one season.

The club’s recent success is due in no small part to the brilliant management of Jürgen Klopp, a man admired not just for his skills but for his boundless optimism and – let’s admit it – his smile.

Former Labour Director of Communications and massive Burnley F.C. fan, Alastair Campbell, reached out to Jürgen from the pages of the New European, not for Burnley, who are hovering just above the relegation zone, but for the country – who are also hovering just above the relegation zone.

Here are some very persuasive highlights.

First, you have built a wonderful team. As Graeme Souness said after your 4-0 win over Manchester United, this team plays the best football Liverpool fans have ever seen. And Graeme Souness is qualified to talk about that.

I love your passion. For football. For your players. For the fans. For the city and its history. You understand why the Hillsborough 97 are, and always will be, so important. You understand why The Sun will never be welcome in Liverpool.

He shared the words of Trent Alexander-Arnold from his own interview with the home-grown Liverpool right-back in GQ magazine.

“He is unbelievable. Just everything about him in every way. As a person, as a manager.

He’s a loving person, you can see that he’s someone who cares about the people around him.

He treats everyone as equals. Treats the captain the same as you would a young player.”

You know that if you have money and power or influence, you also have a responsibility to help others who are less fortunate in life.

When Covid-19 entered our lives, you immediately understood the seriousness of the situation. You said this is more important than football – a message not to be underestimated in this football-crazy city that is Liverpool.

Thank you for speaking out against Brexit because you understand it is not good either for Britain or for Europe. You are aware that populism is a real danger.

You asked …why our country gives political power to liars like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage? You have values, Mr Klopp, which these opportunists do not have and will never understand.

You believe that strong people have a responsibility to help the weak.

I wish our real so-called leaders of the country would study your type of leadership. How wonderful it would be if they had your passion for their work. Your attention to detail. Your ability to innovate and adapt. If they had your ability as a communicator. Above all, if they had your ability to bring so much joy and pride to a community.

Thank you for reminding us that we have good leaders in this country even if, sadly, they are not in the government.

I hope that, once the trophy cupboard is overflowing, you think about going into politics. Our country needs you!

He’d be a great fit as a world leader, because they also never walk alone – unless they ditch their security detail to go to an oligarch’s party.

The suggestion seemed popular.

Of course, every silver lining has a cloud, and Liverpool fans spotted it right away.

If Mr Campbell’s fairy godmother gave him a choice between Jürgen Klopp running the country and running Burnley F.C., we suspect that might just be as close to Sophie’s Choice as he’d ever come.

We highly recommend you read the full letter – in English or German – here.

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