Channel 4 News stumped Boris Johnson with a zinger of a question about Partygate

On Thursday, MPs agreed to refer the PM to the Privileges Committee to determine whether he misled the House over his knowledge of parties taking place during lockdown.

Ahead of the vote, when it looked as though the Conservative whips were going to order MPs to vote against allowing such scrutiny, the Leader of the Opposition wrote this.

Very few Conservatives turned up, which meant the motion went through unopposed.

Although the committee’s investigation won’t take place until the Met confirms its investigations into Partygate are over, it means Johnson is effectively under scrutiny from Sue Gray, the police and the Privileges Committee.

Calls to resign came even from MPs on his own back benches, such as Brexit hardman Steve Baker, and William Wragg.

It made no difference to Johnson’s resolve.

Channel 4 News’ Gary Gibbon touched on the matter of his resignation with this spectacular question.

“I can tell you. Because I think it already has broken that record.”

World beating.

from Andy Samberg GIFs via Gfycat

Viewers and tweeters enjoyed seeing the PM face such scrutiny.

One person wanted Johnson to stay in post – but not out of admiration.

It’s well worth watching the full interview with Gary Gibbon here, in which it’s very clear that Johnson’s sweat wasn’t only down to the Indian heat.


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