Andre Agassi’s tale of how he worked out Boris Becker’s serve is dropping jaws all over again

You don’t have to be a tennis fan – well, only a little bit, maybe – to appreciate Andre Agassi’s amazing tale of how he worked out how to return Boris Becker’s incredible serve.

We might be guilty of overusing the term ‘jaw-dropper’ every now and again but this one, well this is a proper jaw-dropper.

It went viral (and not for the first time) after it was shared by Redditor skam_skins who said: ‘Agassi, the mind reader.’

Never gets old.

‘The level of mastery!!’

‘Now think about this. Not only does he realize he has a tell, but this dude can a)see if a guy is putting his tongue in the center or the side from across court and then b) respond to the 100mph serve that follows.

‘Just … the skill.’

‘I could barely see it on film, close up.

‘This is why they get paid the big bucks, I guess.’

‘You see this same level of acuity in Agassi’s book. I highly recommend it, and I’m not someone who would normally read a sportsman’s biography. It is shocking how well it is written, and though he did have a lot of help with it, it is also clear that he has an exceptional eye for detail and an incredible memory.’

‘I’ll admit I’m not the biggest tennis fan but I loved Agassi. Great player and seemed like a terrific guy.’

‘You probably loved Agassi but as a tennis player, love means nothing to him.’


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Source Reddit u/skam_skins