This anti-vaxxer explained freedom of speech and everyone’s irony meter exploded

Best turn off your irony meter before watching this just in case it blows up.

It’s a clip of an anti-vaxxer helpfully explaining the concept of freedom of speech which just went viral on Reddit because, well, watch.

He’s obviously not against all vaccines. Like the one for self-awareness, for example.

‘Free speech is when SHUT THE FUCK UP anyways free speech is when.’

‘He seems like he’s been itching to give this little speech.’

‘These people always had Freedom of Speech, and they know it.

‘They want to have Freedom from Responsibility.’

‘This sums up the whole Trump movement in so many ways’

‘Freedom of speech means you have the freedom to make an ass of yourself on camera.’

The original video was posted on TikTok by @waltermasterson who you can follow over here.


Anti-Facter explains “Freedom of Speech” in the most ironic way possible. Full video on my YT channel, Link in bio.

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