This funny parachute study shows exactly how anti-vaxxers twist the data

One of the common tropes of the anti-vaxxer movement is that old chestnut “Do your own research.”, but they clearly don’t mean “Set up a study, draw conclusions, get it published and peer reviewed.”

What they actually mean is “Watch a bunch of YouTube videos and read these memes I saw on Facebook.”

Those YouTube videos sometimes contain data that could be very credible at a glance, and that’s how people end up down the anti-vax rabbit hole. Well, that and by watching interviews with tennis players. Who knew?

Over on TikTok, Maddy Lucy Dann – Emergency Department doctor and comedian – has found a way to explain how people twist data to their own purposes, and it’s both funny and fascinating.


Selective statistics and misinformation. Search BMJ parachute 2003 to read the full study!

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“In conclusion, parachute use did not reduce death or major traumatic injury, when jumping from the aircraft in the first randomised evaluation of this intervention.”

In this follow-up video, Maddy explains why it’s even worse when the facts being twisted aren’t quite as extreme as saying that parachutes aren’t useful.

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TikTok users loved her analogy – and the parody study.

A TikTok user named eoghanwinchcombe1 had this perfect parody of anti-vax logic.

If you want to read the parachute study – which is very funny – you can do that here, and be sure to follow Maddy so you’ll never miss her entertaining videos.


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