This Skittles-based science experiment has been getting some sweet reactions on TikTok

During successive lockdowns, parents of school-age children were clamouring for easy and inventive ways to keep their youngsters engaged with the curriculum.

Over on TikTok, self-described science nerd supreme, Carly Bowman, demonstrated an experiment with Skittles that might be worth remembering for a rainy day – or *whispers* another lockdown.

Watch and (probably) learn.

@carlybowman91 Skittles diffusion experiment…. #diffusion #scienceexperiments #sciencetiktok #whataprettycolor ♬ It’s Science Time – Mister C

If anything, it looked even better with more Skittles.

@carlybowman91 Larger scale skittles diffusion #scienceexperiments #sciencetok #lgbtpride #rainbow ♬ Somewhere over the Rainbow (Radio Version) – Butterfly

Then someone asked her to give it a spin, so she did.

@carlybowman91 Reply to @uk_dadbod skittles diffusion but “giving it a spin” #sciencetiktok #skittles #diffusion #scienceexperiments ♬ original sound – Carly Bowman

Well, you can’t win ’em all. William Ramsay had a suggestion for another Skittles experiment.

Probably best to leave the kids out of this one.


This school science experiment had an unfortunate post-script

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